How TO Master High End Beauty Retouching

Turn your photos to magic

you Will learn in the Course


Introduction, setting the Photoshop Color and Preferences. Resizing and Liquifying tool.

Basic Skin Cleaning

Editing, Cleaning the skin and removing the wrinkles. color correction, exposure correction.

Dodge & Burn

Adding a depth of field (Modify highlight and shadow area) to photo through using Dodge & Burn technique.

Main tools

Using basics Photoshop tools “Selection tools, Layer mask, brushes, Healing and Clone tools, Adjustment Layer and Filters”

Advanced Softening Skin

Softening the skin through using Frequency of Power Separation technique and Dodge & Burn.

Eyes, Lips, Color Grading

Coloring, Editing and sharpening the eyes. Retouching the lips. Stylizing and Color Grading.

Conditions and rates

Timing and duration

20 Hours divided on 10 days
2 Hours per day maxi
4000 AED Full course.
200AED / Hour - 50% To be paid in advance.

Price and rate

we teach in group & in person


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our hours

10:00 AM – 20.00 PM
Saturday – Thursday

Contact us

Phone: +971 55 660 203
Email: [email protected]

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